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Nano Ag+, Cu+ and Zn+ masterbatches are added in spinning process, exerting excellent bacteriostasis and sterilization effect on staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans and colibacillus.
Phosphorous based flame retardant (6000ppm+) is added in spinning process. Limit oxygen index up to 30+. The flame retardant fiber smolders in the flame and will extinguish when leaving the flame.
APPLICATION: 1. Protective clothes 2. Home textiles 3. Auto interiors 4. Textile materials for industrial use
1. Elegant and bright luster, presenting a natural and elegant texture.
2. The bamboo charcoal fabric is of excellent wear resistance and rebound resilience. It has relatively high strength in the warp and weft, which proves to be quite stable.
3. Good moisture wicking performance, soft fitting and good drapability.
4. Bamboo charcoal masterbatches are added in spinning process, the fabric with moisture absorption and deodorization effect.
Nano Mica or jade powder are added in spinning process to produce recycled cool sense fiber. The Mica or jade powder is natural ore with pearly luster, its color changes while Ferrum content changes. It is of stable chemical property and excellent thermal conductivity, hygroscopic property, absorbability and insulativity. The recycled cool sense fiber is widely used in summer clothing fabrics.
Thermal masterbatch is added in the spinning process. The recycled thermal fiber absorbs the moisture produced by skin and generates heat. It is widely used in thermal underwear, sweater, etc.
Made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles, special production technology, high elasticity and bulkiness.
Graphene masterbatch is added in the spinning process. Improvement in spinning, twisting and texturing technologies ensures the stability of the single layer structure of graphene in melt polymer. Fabric made from recycled graphene filament has functions such as infrared emission, mite inhibition, anti-bacteria, and ultraviolet protection, etc.
Application: The recycled graphene filament can be applied in auto, ships and airplanes, bulletproof vest, medical protective clothing, work clothes, radiation protective clothing, beddings, curtains, auto seats, carpets, etc.
Special-shaped spinning packs are used in the spinning process to produce bulkiness, elasticity, heat retention and rebound resilience properties. With soft and smooth hand-feel, the recycled hollow fiber can be used as stuffings for bedding articles, home textiles and cold protective clothing.
2-ply, 3-ply or 4-ply from one POY material to achieve special fabric style; or 2-ply, 3-ply or 4-ply from two different POY materials to achieve special fabric style, e.g., CD/PET, PET/PBT, functional/dope-dyed yarns.
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